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          • Product name: RPJY-G205E
          • Use material:
          • Subordinate industry:
          • Technological requirements:
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          Feature products:

          1. Electric principal shaft was used encoder built-in for structure, power is 2.2/3.7 for the motor so rev can be smooth and stabilityThe maximum operating speed:
            working rev Max.

              1.) principal shaft: 8000 rev / min
          2.) layshaft: 10000 rev / min
          2. With double-channel under principal shaft and layshaft working, to improve better with process efficiency for users
          3. The feeding was used 750W servo motor of Yaskawa for X,Y,Z, so that the feeding be easy better
          4. Precision machined can be stabilized on IT6 class upon
          5. The clamping way was work in with experience from Japanese machine, to improve the precision of secondary feeding better
          6. Product was used locking way diplex with mechanical locking and servo locking under milling, so, precision of products can be high more
          7. General protection style for sheet metal to be insure the life used for transmission screw rod and lead rail
          8. Users can be convenient to maintain with the port of data in-put and out-put

          Parameter of RPJY-G205E

          Parameter of RPJY-G205E
          Spec & Items RPJY-G205E   Main accessorial device standard 
                Device collets of principal shaft  Device of door lock
          Process Dia. Max. Φ20mm   Device collets of back principal shaft Picker for workpiece
          Process length Max. 165mm /   1 clamped   Cooling device of principal shaft box Device of air pressure seals
          Drill Dia.front Max. Φ8mm   Drive device of rotated cutting tools Test function for break cutting tools 
          Tapping front Max. M6   Device of cutting oil(with test function for oil scale) Lighting
          Dia.cross holes of principal shaft  Φ22mm   Device lubrication(with test function for oil scale) Device of guide bushing rotated
          Speed rotation of principal shaft 8,000r/min   With test function under machine moving  
          Dia.drill Max.for rotated cutting tools line Φ7mm      
          Tapping Max. for rotated cutting tools line M6   Device accessorial special  
          Speed rotated for principal shaft of rotation cutting tools line 8,000r/minute, Max. (rated 6,000r/min)   Device ejector for cross holes Device monitor of cutting oil flow
          Dia.clamping Max.for back principal shaft Φ20mm   Conveying belt of workpiece Lighting of inspection tour
          Length Max. put out of workpiece on back principal shaft 50mm   Device conveying for scraps Caution light with 3 sections
          Length Max. take out for workpiece 100mm   Front picker recycle Automatic device of put out a fire
          Dia.drill Max. for machining back Φ8mm      
          Tapping back Max. M6   Standard NC function  
          Speed rotated for back principal shaft 8,000r/min   NC device special of G20 series Test function for principal shaft under speed rotation changed
          Cutting tools installed 23   7.2 inch LCD monitor with black&white Function of  cut off power automatic
          Turning tools line 5   Program memory: 120m Function of non-polar scale on principal shaft
          Cutting tools rotation profile 4   Tools repair: 32 groups Test function  for program machine
          Drill tools front 5   8 digits count Max. for workpiece Speed control function for fixing line of principal shaft
          Drill tools back 9(5+4)   Use for drilling and fixing cycling rigidity tapping function
          Size tool        
          Cutting tools(tool line) □12mm   NC function for accessories special  
          Drill sleeve Φ20mm   Lead threads turning alterable Tools repair: 49 groups
          Collets     Chamfer-R angle Cutting tools life maintaining Ⅰ
          Spring collets of principal shaft RP-S20   In-put directly per size from drawings Cutting tools life maintaining Ⅱ
          Spring collets of principal shaft back RP-S20   With controls function in-phase for principal shaft Program memory: 80m
          Collets of tools rotation ER11、ER16   With function for principal shaft C axis  Repair on Y axis
          Collet of drill sleeve ER11   Check & repair for milling Submicron commands
          Guide sleeve RP-S20   Non-polare scale for principal shaft back Macroprogram users
          Speed feeding quick     Function for principal shaft C axis Inch spec
          X2、 Y1、Z1、Z2 axis 32m/min   Complex turning and fixing cycling sub-inch spec
          X1 axis 18m/min      
          Electric principal shaft 2.2/3.7KW      
          Drive motor for principal shaft of cutting tools 0.75KW      
          Electric principal shaft back 1.5/2.2KW      
          oil cutting  0.25KW      
          Lubricating 0.003KW      
          Height center 1050mm      
          Power in-put 6KVA      
          Air pressure device with aie pressure and flow required  0.5MPa 90NL/min(150NL/minute Max.)      
          Weights 2550Kg      

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